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Social Venue Acoustic Insulation Adelaide

If your venue is hosting live music, DJs, or simply providing a space for great conversation over coffee, youl need to provide the right ambience so your patrons can enjoy their experience. There’s also the issue of sound leaks to consider, as noise complaints from surrounding businesses and residents should be avoided at all cost. Professional soundproofing can eliminate these issues so that customers stay longer, return to your venue and recommend it to the friends. Keep your customers and neighbours happy by soundproofing your social venue the right way. Choose the acoustic insulation Adelaide services from The Silencer.

Social Venue Noise Problem

In recent years, many live music venues around Australia have closed due to noise complaints from neighbouring residents. Many other social venues failed because their ambience just wasn’t right for patrons. With insulation treatments trom ine siencer, your venue can avoia tne same rate. wnetner you run a bar, restaurant, cafe or gig space, we can help you overcome a range of noise problems, including:

  • Compliance with EPA guidelines for noise
  • Poor audio quality within the venue
  • Vibration of walls and ceilings where speakers are located
  • Complaints of sound leaks from nearby residents and businesses
Soundproofing flooring Materials

Soundproofing Treatments

A venue that is too “quiet” can be just as uncomfortable as a venue that is too “loud”. The Silencer offers ceiling floor and wall insulation to correct poor venue acoustics, and convert unwelcome noise out of the space. Some examples of our available treatments include.

  • Acoustic panels for walls and ceilings to absorb noise and reduce reverberation
  • Wall, ceiling and floor soundproofing to reduce noise transfer between rooms
  • Bass traps to absorb low frequency band music
  • Enclosures for noisy air conditioners and pumps, materials to line pump sheds
  • Outdoor systems to reduce road and neighbouring property noise
  • Unique creations to suit your needs

High Performance Soundproofing

Making good decisions about the products you use when soundproofing will save you valuable time and money. Nothing is more costly than discovering that the wrong product, the wrong treatment, or incorrect installation of soundproofing products means you have to start over. At The Silencer, we only use high performance systems for our insulation services, which are chosen and installed with experience. By contacting The Silencer, you can avoid mistakes and protect your investment.

Soundproof Your Social Venue

Treating social venues for quality sound doesn’t mean eliminating all noise. It simply means correcting the unwelcome reverberations within your space. Our goal at The Silencer is to make sure your venue is filled with people who can both enjoy the live music on offer and hold a proper conversation. Our acoustic insulation Adelaide services car produce this very result, so contact The Silencer today to discuss your social venue noise problems.

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