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Create spaces that promote well-being by reducing harmful noise. HSE systems to provide a calm and safer workplace.

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Reduce energy costs and help save the environment. Materials that are sustainable and can be recycled.

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Soundproofing Solutions

Stressed by harmful noise that can affect your well-being ? The Silencer has the range of high performance Australian made and tested materials combined with innovative solutions. Environments with minimal noise allow you to enjoy a quality lifestyle or calmer and safer workplace. The Silencer combines personal service, acoustics and fire  knowledge to do it right and do it once.

Energy Efficient

Rockwool and Polyester acoustic batts both have good thermal ratings to compliment the acoustic values. Both are ideal for wall insulation to provide soundproof and energy efficiency in structures which eliminates the echo of hollow walls and provides privacy in homes and offices.


Want to live in a quieter home? Enjoy quality living with minimal noise when your residential property is treated with a noise control solution by The Silencer. Whether it’s noisy neighbours, air conditioner or pumps or walls that is causing you grief, we’re the experts to call when it comes to soundproofing Adelaide homes.

Social Venues

Is your social venue noisy and overwhelming? Are customers not coming back because the space is just too loud? Change the ambience and environment of your social venue, protect yourself from noise complaints, and enhance your customer experience by taking advantage of our sound insulation Adelaide services.


Noisy offices and commercial businesses can impact greatly on productivity and sales. But you don’t need to suffer from frustrating and distracting sounds any longer. We can create innovative solutions from industry leading products designed for blocking, absorbing, dampening and isolating the source of the noise. Contact us for a noise-free workplace today.


Provide a safe workplace for your staff and reduce plant room and equipment noise over the legal levels. Discuss your noise concerns with The Silencer today, and together we’ll create a tailored solution that will have you experiencing a quieter, safer environment. From transport to heavy machinery, we provide the insulation Adelaide industrial sites trust.


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