A Quality Build Is An Investment

A Quality Build Is An Investment

Do you consider and discuss potential noise and fire issues with your builder when designing your new home? Don’t wait until after the build when it’s too late and then need expensive modifications.

How can you create not just a home but a high-quality lifestyle to enjoy? Don’t disappoint, but surpass your expectations.

Create soundproof living spaces for home theatre or music/entertainment rooms

Provide serenity and privacy

Reduce multi-level structural impact noise and vibration

Soundproof and fire rated walls, floors and ceilings

Diminish resonance in rooms

High density living – will you hear the neighbours and will they hear you?

Lessen road noise

Damp noisy air conditioners and pumps

The Silencer supplies quality Australian made and tested products to solve these problems.

Contact The Silencer and be surprised with the innovative range of acoustic materials that will reduce the unwanted noise and enhance your quality of living.


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