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With many years of industry experience under our belt and countless client spaces successfully soundproofed across Adelaide, The Silencer is the leading soundproofing solutions provider in the city. Be it new construction or remediation, The Silencer can create effective noise solutions to a wide range of acoustic problems. Whether you’re bothered by noisy industrial equipment, reverberation in a music venue, or simply need a quieter space to relax at home, we can provide a solution that perfectly suits your needs.

About The Silencer

Based in Modbury North South Australia, The Silencer is a locally owned and operated business established by Peter Mathew, clients includes industrial, commercial and residential projects of all shapes and sizes, from small home theatre soundproofing to noise control on large industrial worksites. Continually working on developing new systems to tackle noisy environments, in order to help overcome even more noise problems. The Silencer is a continually growing business, with Peter now supplying his specialist knowledge, soundproofing products and product installation to homes and businesses Australia wide.

A Complete Soundproofing Solution

The Silencer is your one-stop-shop when it comes to soundproofing. With the right industry knowledge, high performance products and a professional installation service, we have everything you need to effectively soundproof your home, business or worksite. We start by providing you with factual and helpful advice, then tailor a treatment around your budget and noise issue, before installing the most effective soundproofing solution available for you. Our soundproofing consulting services are designed around the full array of quality soundproofing products we have available at our disposal.

Why Should You Soundproof?

More than ever before, noise pollution is causing disruptions in our work and personal lives. Not only does it diminish privacy, unwanted noise can also affect peace of mind, increase tension levels, interfere with communication, and put workplace safety at risk. By investing in the reduction of noise levels in your business or home environment and improve staff productivity. Importantly, it will also enable you to meet Occupational Health and Safety requirements and statutory environmental noise standards. Whether your home or commercial premises already has a noise problem, or you’d like to prevent one from occurring, soundproofing is the answer.

Supporting Australian Manufacturers

The Silencer proudly a distributor for a variety of high performance, Australian made products to create our soundproofing solutions. Products have been manufactured locally to meet our high Australian standards, which means you can have complete confidence in their quality. You’re not only getting great products when you choose Australian made, you’re also supporting local jobs and our economy. That’s why The Silencer supports Australian manufacturers of soundproofing products.

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