What does an acoustic panel do and where do you apply them?

An acoustic panel absorbs noise and energy to reduce reverberation and create a more comfortable and ambient atmosphere. This method is used in various applications, from residential and commercial spaces, to industrial work sites and social venues. Even something as simple as a noisy air-conditioner can have an impact on your comfort and well-being, particularly when you’re frequently exposed to it. That’s where our experts come in—we’re highly experienced in our industry and we formulate solutions based on real data. This data is made up of factors like frequency and application, because environment will also determine the level of durability you require. Once we have an idea of what you’re dealing with, we’ll even come and install your product for quality assurance from end to end. Don’t let noise pollution impact your well-being! Get in touch with our professionals and learn about our acoustic panel range.

Acoustic panel

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The portfolio of happy clients is continually building, because we’re slowly but surely putting a stop to noise complaints everywhere by using state of the art acoustic panel options. We carry out extensive market research, and stay up to date with trends and developments to ensure we’re always bringing you the most effective solutions. Our business was founded by Peter Mathew, a specialist in the soundproofing field with over 8 years of experience in the field to back his expertise. Based in Modbury in SA, we continually work towards bringing new, innovative soundproofing solutions to the table to help people overcome the stresses of noise pollution in and out of the home. We always start by providing you with useful and factual information, because we feel client education is an important part of the shopping experience. We want you to feel confident in us, and our products!

Our range of acoustic panels

Our acoustic panel are selected for their acoustic performance and non-combustible benefits. One of the styles that offers fantastic soundproofing benefits is the Rockfon Sonar® range. The  20mm thick tile facilitates class A sound absorption without compromising the height of your ceiling. Some other key benefits of this range includes light reflection, humidity resistance, easy to clean surface and thermal conductivity. It also ticks the boxes in terms of hygiene, because the stone wool substance used in the manufacturing of the product provides no sustenance for micro-organisms. Contact us to learn more about the Sonar® acoustic panel selection!

If you’re looking to block, optimise or manipulate sound in your home, workplace or social venue—The Silencer is your one stop shop. We’ll customise the best solution to restore your comfort and wellbeing! Call us to discuss the different acoustic panel options on 0468 356 600 or send us an email today.

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