Too much road noise, droning and vibration?

Want to enjoy your drive?

Then create the feeling with some quality high performance Australian made materials soundproofing materials, fire rated with themal qualities

Reduce diesel engine noise – cars, 4WD’s, vans, trucks (construction plant and equipment) and boats.

Decidamp CLD

Dampens metal and removes the energy, the vibration and resonating are then diminished.

Floors, firewall, boot and door panels.

1300 x 1000 x 1.3mm self-adhesive sheet, cut with a knife


Vibration dampening metal panels ,noise reduction and absorption.

Engine bays, bonnet and firewall. Ideal for diesel engines

1300 x 1000 x 25mm self-adhesive sheet, cut with a knife.

Wavebar Soundmat

Reduce the lower frequency road noise with this 8kg decoupled heavy duty floor grade barrier hard wearing and abrasion resistant.

2500 x 1350 x 10mm sheet size, cut with a Stanley knife.

DIS8 Vibration isolation

Decoupling strips used between substrates to reduce vibration and noise transfer.

Floors of vans and buses underneath the plywood.

500 x 250 x 2mm double sided self-adhesive strips, cut with a knife.

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