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Too much road noise – droning – vibration  – heat.

If you struggle to even hold a conversation in your vehicle, then it might be time to invest in car soundproofing from the industry’s most reputable specialists.

Take your vehicle to the next level with quality AU made custom kits and DYI tools if your handy.

We also specialise in 4×4 automotive sound deadening and soundproofing packs for all different types of vehicles.

Improve the quality of your sound system.

Multi stage packs to treat the various sources of noise, vibration and heat, or complete packs to smash the lot in one go.

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Order with The Silencer being your local distributor, and local install is available if needed.

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Why can you trust us to deliver reliable car soundproofing solutions? The Silencer have hand-selected a number of Australian-made products that are renowned for their sustainability and fire-retardant capabilities. One of these is the Soundmat PE®, which is a low-profile, high-mass noise barrier bonded to a flexible closed-cell foam decoupling layer. The product is abrasion resistant, and more importantly, it provides a significant increase in transmission loss. While we recommend this particular product for cars, it’s also applied in trucks, busses, boats and other forms of transportation for a better travel experience. The Soundmat PE® can also be laminated into partitions and walls for more effective management. It also has an aesthetic finish, so you don’t have to worry about compromising the style of your interior. For more information on this car soundproofing product or others in our range, give us a call on 0468 356 600.

The Silencer story

We’ve become one of the most reputable names in car soundproofing across the board. The Silencer was established by engineer and soundproofing specialist, Peter Mathew. We’re now based in Modbury North, and have 8 years of industry experience to back the credibility of our products and advice.  Peter has dedicated much of his time to developing and refining his service to minimise stress caused by noise in homes, workplaces and entertainment venues. Him and the team have carried out projects of all scales, right across Australia. Our work is based on genuine data, and we put client education at the forefront to ensure you feel confident. In addition to supplying the most reliable products, we also offer installation services to guarantee quality assurance from end to end. We strive to be the hassle-free one-stop-shop that fixes all your recurring noise issues!

For all your car soundproofing needs, look no further than the local professionals. We’re equipped with absolutely everything you could possibly need to regain peace and quiet, or manage the acoustics in your home, workplace or venue. Call the team on 0468 356 600 or send an email through to

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