Common wall soundproofing

Common wall soundproofing

One of the biggest issues is noise transfer through common walls and internal walls that are hollow. Have investigated many materials and systems that are simple to install being a re-fit in an existing home where access and space is not always practical.

Can now offer two solutions using Australian made and tested materials.

Silentstep Premium underlay although its primary function is a carpet underlay when glued to a wall becomes a floating noise barrier with excellent Rw ratings and only 11mm thick. It can be faced with fabric or 12mm acoustic panel to provide a nice finish, and can go bellow the cornice to top of the skirting board.

MLV system where a plasterboard finish is preferred and is only 25mm total thickness. M581 resilient vibration mounts are fixed to the wall to again provide a floating system and reduce vibration, then 4kg Wavebar Barrier commonly known as mass loaded vinyl which becomes the floating noise barrier and de-couples the 10mm Superchek plasterboard to assist reducing the noise and vibration.

Tech data including acoustic ratings are available upon request.

Download Brochures

Silentstep Premium (PDF)

Rim Teknic Fabric (PDF)

MLV Wall (PDF)

M581 Resilmount Chanel (PDF)

Wavebar Original (PDF)

Gyprock Superchek (PDF)

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