Home Theater Soundproofing

Home Theater Soundproofing

sound-absorbing panels

Recommend sound-absorbing panels for home theater rooms, both with the best absorption at 1000Hz which is the sweet spot for human hearing.

Acoufelt AP30 polyester panel 1200 x 600 x 30mm

Whisper polyethylene panel 1200 x 600 x 50mm which is also excellent for the lower bass frequencies and translucent. Easy to cut the edges to make into bass traps.

Both available fabric wrapped or with images of your choice.

Wall, ceiling and floor infill using Rockwool 60kg density x 75mm thick bats for added noise absorption, R2.1 thermal rating and bonus passive fire rating as this material is non-combustible with 1000C melting point so your valuable equipment is protected from external fire.

Quadzero NL noise barrier between the stud work and plasterboard to reduce noise transfer, and de-couples the system to absorb the vibration. This barrier is fire resistant to marine standards so its compliments the Rockwool for noise and fire rating to provide a simple and effective system.

Silentstep premium underlay for multi- story construction to reduce noise between levels

Crank up the sound and enjoy whilst keeping the neighbors happy and have the peace of mind of passive fire protection.


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