Home Theatre Sound Absorbing Panels

Our home theatre sound absorbing panels are exactly what you need to up your home-tech game and create the perfect space for entertainment. While it might seem like a luxury investment, setting up your own home theatre comes with a number of benefits. Surprisingly—one of these is affordability. You don’t have to fork out to keep the family entertained, you can simply create a multi-purpose space that is ideal for school holidays, date nights, family visits, or even just personal chill out time. A home theatre will also add value and appeal to your home if you’re looking to sell. But the best part about having your own set up is your ability to customise the space. That’s where our home theatre sound absorbing panels come in! You can control the sound and ambience to get the full cinematic effect, while isolating noise to avoid bothering others.

Home Theatre Sound Absorbing Panels

Our home theatre sound absorbing panels

The Silencer offer a range of home theatre sound absorbing panels that offer premium acoustic isolation for residential properties. However, different products are designed to achieve different things—which is why our crew extend their expertise to offer tailored solutions. One of the products we might recommend for you is the ROCKWOOL® RockTech S 200. In a nutshell, this range consists of aesthetically pleasing and durable tiles that that vary in width and size for customised acoustic absorption. Some of the additional benefits include optimal fire performance, moisture resistance and corrosion resistance. It’s ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments, and because stone wool contains no nutrients it makes an impossible host for fungi, bacteria and moulds. It also offers low-temperature thermal insulation which makes them the ideal home theatre sound absorbing panels for your cosy entertainment space. You can find the data sheet for this product on our website!

About The Silencer

The Silencer is a locally owned and operated business that specialises in the distribution of home theatre sound absorbing panels. We stay up to date with the latest industry trends and developments to deliver state of the art soundproofing solutions to homes, commercial spaces, work sites and more to create a more comfortable and productive environment. We provide our clients with helpful and factual advice, before tailoring the right product recommendations to achieve their objectives. Whether you’re looking to reduce, block, isolate or reflect noise, the diversity of our product range covers all bases. Unwanted or disturbing noise can drastically raise tension levels, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to help you regain control. We’ll gladly provide you with a comprehensive overview of our products to help you purchase with confidence! Speak to a member of our team by calling 0468 356 600 and receive the educated advice you need.

Whether it’s for work, home, or any kind of social entertainment setting—our home theatre sound absorbing panels will effectively control sound to optimise your experience, while minimising disturbance to others. Call us to learn more about this product or email info@thesilencer.com.au.

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