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The Silencer has the experience to make your work environment noise safe. Whether you’re in transport, heavy machinery, marine power generation or anything it between. The Silencer can help you to design, implement and maintain the right soundproofing treatments for your environment. By using only the best, high performance products, The Silencer is able to deliver a high quality. reliable and long-lasting industrial soundproofing solution. We use our experience and knowledge of high performance soundproofing products to create noise solution that will improve the health and safety of your staff

Why Invest in Insulations Soundproofing

Industrial noise reduction is crucial, with workplace noise a major cause of hearing loss within Australia. This contributes to social isolation, a reduced quality of life, increased absences from work, and lowered work performance among other issues. Not only is excessive noise dangerous to the health of your staff, it also poses serious safety risks when the level of noise destroys the ability to hear instructions and warning signals. Sadly, this can lead to workplace injuries, accidents and even death. Even with simple foam wall panels Adelaide industrial noise can be controlled effectively.

Soundproofing Walls Adelaide

What We Do

Maintaining suitable noise levels in a manufacturing or industrial environment is often a challenging problem. The Silencer has the right experience and products to assist you in finding soundproofing solutions suitable for many industrial workplace environments. We provide many products that have been engineered to reduce sound transmission and contain noise. By offering a large variety of noise control products, we’re able to reduce noise levels within any sized manufacturing or industrial facility. By installing products such as foam wall panels Adelaide businesses are provided an effective solution for the most difficult noise problem.

Industrial Noise Reduction Solutions

Custom industrial soundproofing solutions are the best way to reduce noise from machinery including plant rooms and air conditioning units. Solutions such as soundproof enclosures provide high levels of noise reduction and can be adapted to a wide range of industrial situations. Here at The Silencer, we understand that soundproofing and acoustic requirements often need an individual fix. That’s why we create tailored solutions to suit the individual noise problem they’re needed for. We can arrange site visits to assess your needs and offer solutions to satisty your individual requirements and budget.

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