Marine Sound Deadening Insulation

Have you considered marine sound deadening insulation? With large vessels comes loud reverberation, the ringing of metal panels and structures, wave-slapping—and other general noises from fuel tanks, propeller tunnels and other mechanics. Especially for those who regularly work on these vessels, the noise can become quite detrimental to their wellbeing, focus and level of productivity. To help minimise the impact, we offer a number of different products that are used widely across industrial and marine environments to restore the peace. These products are also designed to meet Occupational Health and Safety requirements, and statutory environmental noise standards outlined by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation. After carrying out an application & frequency assessment, we’ll come up with a customised plan to achieve the best results attainable. Start by giving us a call to discuss your marine sound deadening insulation! No challenge is too big or too small.

Marine Sound Deadening Insulation

Why The Silencer is the right team for you

There are a number of reasons why people come to us for marine sound deadening insulation. The Silencer is run by engineer and soundproofing expert, Peter Mathew. Peter has over 8 years of experience in the industry, which has given him the opportunity to assess ongoing trends and developments in the soundproofing market. After dedicating time to research, he’s introduced a number of reliable products that are suited to various applications. Whether you need soundproofing in the home, workplace, industrial site or marine vessel, we have you covered with effective, sustainable and fire-retardant options to facilitate a more comfortable lifestyle. Our strong points include our fast and smooth process, our experienced crew, and our strong reputation in the industry. Talk to an expert about marine sound deadening insulation and receive the right advice today! Call us on 0468 356 600.

Our product range

One of the products we recommend for your marine sound deadening insulation is the Sorberbarrier® Superliner. Through trials, tests and extensive research, Pyrotek has successfully created a unique multi-layer product that combines materials with different acoustic properties to treat airborne and transmitted noise. There are two layers of acoustic foam,, a decoupling layer and a sound absorption layer. The product can be sized to suit any layout, and customers have the choice of purchasing with or without the self-adhesive backing for simple installation. Effectively, the foam works by absorbing reflected sound waves that penetrate through the foam at varying depths. Despite the simple construction of the Sorberbarrier®, the level of noise can be reduced by up to 15dBA. It’s also incredibly simple for anyone to install, with or without professional help and specialist tools on hand. Explore the benefits of this technology by contacting The Silencer today!

If you’re sick of dealing with high frequency noise and loud reverberation every day, make the right choice and invest in premium soundproofing from Australia’s best. Our experts will recommend the most effective and affordable marine sound deadening insulation! Call 0468 356 600 or email us at

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