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Legal Noise Levels

These are the legal noise levels based on land use category, from an OH&S safety perspective continuous noise levels 75 to 85dB can cause potential damage to ones hearing Residential day – 52dB night – 45dB Light Industry day – 57dB night – 50dB Commercial day –...

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Soundproof Fencing

Using .42mm True Oak Deep profile colorbond corrugated sheeting in the horizontal plane, with 100mm H4 square posts that there are no rails needed. Thicker and denser corrugated sheets provide strength and body which helps to reduce the resonating and density as a...

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Automotive Soundproofing

Too much road noise, droning and vibration? Want to enjoy your drive? Then create the feeling with some quality high performance Australian made materials soundproofing materials, fire rated with themal qualities Reduce diesel engine noise – cars, 4WD’s, vans, trucks...

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Silencer Quiet Screen

Reduce noise levels and more privacy Fabric wrapped – pin-able – lightweight acoustic screens Silencer Quiet Screen Hire 1800H x 1200W x 35mm acoustic screen Price $450.00 Weekly hire $60.00 1800H x 1200W x 35mm standard screen Price $280.00 Weekly hire $45.00...

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Noisy Social Venues

Noisy Social Venues We all enjoy going out for a coffee or a meal, but get annoyed when you have to raise your voice have a conversation because many social venues are NOISY places and become overwhelming… 🙁 Do your customers decide you are one of the noisy places...

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