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7 Reasons You Should Soundproof Your Home

Have you been thinking about soundproofing your home? Not sure if you should soundproof your home? Well, keep reading to find answers to these and other soundproofing related questions that’ll help you make an informed decision.   Soundproofing of homes is...

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8 Materials You Can Use for Soundproofing

Are you finding it hard to sleep at night due to loud noise in your neighbourhood? Or, is the driving at your home keeping you up all night? In this post, you’ll get to learn how you can make your home less noisy by soundproofing. In particular, this post shares...

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Is Rockwool Insulation Good For Soundproofing?

Wondering if Rockwool insulation is the way to go with your soundproofing project? Read on to learn more about Rockwool as a sound insulation material.  For builders working on lofts, apartments or any other building, ensuring there is good sound insulation is...

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