Noisy Social Venues

We all enjoy going out for a coffee or a meal, but get annoyed when you have to raise your voice have a conversation because many social venues are NOISY places and become overwhelming… 🙁

Do your customers decide you are one of the noisy places and:

• leave as soon as meal is finished
• didn’t enjoy because we cant have a conversation
• we don’t go back again

The impact on your business if your average noise level is above 75dB is lost revenue:

• patrons don’t stay and have another coffee or a drink
• no repeat customers as the ambiance is not enjoyable
• no recommendations to friends, or worse “don’t go there as its too noisy”

The solution – acoustic panels to absorb noise and the reverberation

• have a great time and spend more money
• come back again
• recommend your venue to friends

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