Sound Deadening Ceiling Tiles

Whether you’re in a commercial, residential or social environment, our sound deadening ceiling tiles have the potential to transform the ambience of your space. Our range consists of a number of reliable products that have fantastic sound absorption and transmission loss capabilities that change the way you experience sound. Other important features that our ceiling tiles have include strong structure, moisture resistance, fireproofing abilities, and washable surfaces for easy maintenance. One of the high-performing options we have available is the Stratocell® Whisper, which is made out of a closed cell laminated polyethylene foam that is non-corrosive, and doesn’t support fungal growth. As a result, the product is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use. But of course, every product solution is 100% tailored to the needs of our clients. Read through our data sheets to learn more about our state-of-the-art sound deadening ceiling tiles!

Sound Deadening Ceiling Tiles

The Silencer team

The Silencer is a locally owned and operated business that specialises in sound deadening ceiling tiles, along with a range of other soundproofing solutions. Our friendly crew will provide you with a fast and smooth process, informed advice, and products that are designed to last to ensure you get the best value for money. That’s why we’re continually updating our knowledge by following the latest industry trends and developments. The Silencer was established by Peter Mathew, who made customer service the core focus of the business. With 8 years of experience, he’s built a network of industry professionals who seek his advice for a number of projects Australia-wide. You can rest assured that The Silencer will provide you with the best experience by providing you with all the education you need to purchase with confidence. Call us for your sound deadening ceiling tiles today!

Types of soundproofing we can supply

Different products are designed to achieve different results, so it’s important that you invest in sound deadening ceiling tiles or other soundproofing products that are designed for your environment.

Residential: The Silencer provides noise control solutions to minimise stress caused by loud neighbours, equipment, and a range of other sources. Our services are also ideal to lock sound within home theatres or music studios.

Social venues: If your social venue is filled with loud, sharp noise that limits conversation between guests, we can provide sound insulation to reduce reverberation and prevent disturbance to local residents.

Commercial: Particularly if communication is integral to your business operations, you might need soundproofing solutions to block, absorb, dampen or isolate noise to facilitate better productivity.

Industrial: The noise of equipment and machinery can be unbearable when you face it every day, so we customise solutions for large-scale exterior use to minimise disturbance.

For factual and helpful advice on your sound deadening ceiling tiles, look no further than your local experts in Modbury North: The Silencer. You can call us to discuss your soundproofing needs on 0468 356 600 or by sending an email through to Peter via today!

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