Using .42mm True Oak Deep profile colorbond corrugated sheeting in the horizontal plane, with 100mm H4 square posts that there are no rails needed. Thicker and denser corrugated sheets provide strength and body which helps to reduce the resonating and density as a barrier.

Decidamp self-adhesive material on the inside of the sheeting, on the side where to noise is coming from (road, neighbors etc.) to dampen the metal and reduce resonating . The coverage is roughly 70% and easy to apply and can be cut to size with a Stanley knife.

Infill of 32kg/100mm acoustic polyester batts to absorb noise, and good for any lower frequencies involved. Polyester is not affected by moisture, not itchy to use and is made from recycled materials so it’s good for the environment.

Add another .42 True Oak Deep profile colorbond to the other side and then capping is added across the top to complete the job.