Soundproof Flooring Materials

Our soundproofing flooring materials have been applied in a number of busy and productive environments right across SA. While floors might not generally be your first point of consideration when it comes to managing disruption, our products are both economical and acoustically effective to reduce sound transmission. This is particularly effective in multi-story buildings where noise from foot traffic is a recurring issue. Our flooring options come in the form of easy-to-install and abrasion-resistant floor mats. These mats are made right here in Australia, and they’re designed to be ignition retardant for your peace of mind. So, are you struggling to control noise within your residential or commercial space? Or perhaps you’ve been unable to achieve the perfect ambiance in your social venue? Have a chat with our professionals and we’ll recommend the most practical and effective soundproof flooring materials for your space!

Soundproofing flooring Materials

Product information: Soundmat™ PE

One of the most popular soundproof flooring materials we recommend and install is the Pyrotek noise control Soundmat™ PE. This product is designed to suit loud industrial environments, successfully creating a high-mass noise barrier. It’s suitable for various applications—including trucks, busses, construction and mining machinery, and even hydraulic tanks. The main benefits are of course its high-performing soundproofing capabilities, along with its long service life, low installation cost, and versatility. The flexible closed-cell foam decoupling layer eliminates the ingress of water, which makes the Soundmat™ PE suitable for humid or marine environments. Available in all shapes and sizes, this product can be molded to your exact requirements. It can also be laminated to partitions and walls to increase transmission loss, giving you 360° sound management capabilities. For more information on this product or other soundproof flooring material in our range, contact The Silencer today.

The Silencer: soundproofing specialists

The Silencer is a specialist in high-performing soundproofing flooring materials and other transmission loss solutions. We carry out extensive market research to isolate the best brands and products on the market for our customers. Our range is diverse to accommodate the needs of the home, building, and venue owners Australia-wide. We also account for factors like energy efficiency by opting for sustainable products that can be recycled. It’s also important that products have to hire fire ratings for utmost protection and peace of mind. The difference between working with us is that our recommendations are based on genuine data. The products we recommend are matched to suit the specific application and frequency for guaranteed performance. Our experts will also communicate this data with you, giving you complete confidence in your investment. Start by contacting us and communicating your noise issues and we’ll do our best to customise the perfect solution for you!

The Silencer is a trusted, and well-established name in the supply and installation of soundproof flooring materials. Contact us with any of your noise concerns and we’ll pick the right product for your application! Call 0468 356 600 or send us your enquiries today.

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