Soundproof walls

A guide to make soundproof walls to reduce noise transfer to the other side, or the opposite for an outer wall.

10mm Superchek Gyprock which is a higher density core as a barrier and reduce the amount of noise transfer through the wall.

Use high density acoustic polyester infill tested to Australian Standards with published NRC (average % of noise absorbed) for the best acoustic rating. 100mm is the best for low frequency noise like music, traffic and industrial machinery.

Then the plasterboard, but include a layer of DIS8 dampening strips and then another layer of plasterboard. The DIS8 decouples the 2 layers of plasterboard which provides a floating barrier to overcome vibration.

Please note – this system is not tested to Australian standards but there is a published acoustic design guide in the data sheet section of the web site. This information is to be used as a guideline based on opinion and testimony and to offer a simple solution to overcome noise problems

All products recommended are Australian made and tested with technical information in the data sheet section, and advise on product selection is readily available.

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