Ever wanted to know how you can make soundproof windows? Well, if your answer is yes you are going to find this post to be of great use to you. Below we get to share with you details on how you can make soundproof windows. 

When it comes to making soundproof windows, homeowners in Australia have two options. One is opting for a DIY soundproof windows project and two is seeking services of an expert. Regardless of the option, you settle with, making soundproof windows does help in dealing with noise pollution. For this to happen, however, the process of making soundproof windows has to be done properly.

To help you with this, below we’ve highlighted tips on how best to make soundproof windows on your own. Furthermore, we look at what to look at the benefits of hiring an expert to soundproof windows.

How To Soundproof Windows On Your Own

As already mentioned, it is important that you carry out a soundproof windows DIY project correctly. But how can you properly do this? Well, there are a few simple steps or actions you can take to make a soundproof windows DIY project successful. The steps we’ll get to focus on below are;

  • Furniture Rearrangement
  • Fill Out Gaps
  • Use Heavy Curtains
  • Make Use of Soundproof Blankets

Furniture Rearrangement

A plus with opting to soundproof windows on your own is cost. You are likely to save lots of money with this option given that you’ll have to make use of what you already have. One such example of this is the use of furniture you currently have.

So how you can use your furniture to soundproof your windows? Well, by rearranging them. When doing so, make sure you create as many obstacles as possible with them. These obstacles (furniture) make sound bounce off when it comes in contact with them.

If you do have a few cash to spare consider adding one or two new furniture. When making a purchase, go for furniture with soft, uneven surfaces. Such furniture absorbs sound waves dramatically. Furthermore, it stops sound from bouncing on any given room. What this does is basically reduce reverberation or echo in rooms.

Fill Out Gaps

Filling out gaps in your windows is another soundproofing step you should take when dealing with noise pollution. For you to fill out window gaps you need to first identify them. The process of pointing out gaps on your window is really simple. All you have to do is just carry out an inspection of all your windows. In the event that there are cracks, you’ll be able to see them easily. 

Once you’ve identified the gaps, fill them up. It’s important to fill out these gaps as they create room for the sound to pass through. For this, you can use a variety of products that are not only cheap but easily affordable. It is good to note however that there is currently two commonly used product for this task. These two are Acoustic Caulk and weatherstripping tape.

With weatherstripping tape, keep in mind that you can buy it in a number of different forms. In addition, it is made out of many materials that include rubber, silicone and foam just to mention a few.

Use Heavy Curtains

Heavy curtains are ideal when it comes to making soundproof windows. Not only is it a cheap option but it will help you deal with noise and light pollution. It is good to point out however that heavy curtains don’t entirely block unwanted noise. What it does well is limit the amount of noise coming in or going out. In addition, it helps reduce echo in any room.

To top it all off, the use of heavy curtains allows you to kill two birds with one stone. With them, you get limit noise pollution as well as control the amount of light your room receives. And if you happen to go with one that’s perfectly designed, it will do all this while making your room look ever so good.

Make Use of Soundproof Blankets

Have you ever heard of soundproof blankets? Well, they can and will help deal with soundproofing windows. Similar to using heavy curtains, the use of soundproof blankets helps deal with noise pollution. How does it do this? Well, soundproof blankets are made using a number of dense materials.

Furthermore, they have heavy layers. These two combine work to make soundproof blankets ideal for any given soundproof windows IY project. Do keep in mind however that like heavy curtains, soundproof blankets don’t completely do away with noise pollution.

Hiring An Expert To Soundproof Windows

This is arguably one of the most popular options when it comes to matters soundproof windows. The reason behind this is very simple, professionals guarantee exceptional results. This they are able to achieve thanks to a variety of technique and products they use.

One such expert in Australia that guarantees exceptional results is The Silencer. We do have a team of experts with vast experience in matters sound barrier systems. In addition, our team has overseen numerous soundproof windows installations in Australian homes. What this has done is given them much-needed experience on matters soundproofing windows. 

The range of products and techniques The Silencer use on just about any project allows us to offer our clients a variety of soundproofing windows solution. For starters, we do offer a soundproof windows service that doesn’t require replacement of any windows. In such cases, we tend to install sound barrier secondary soundproof windows inside the existing ones. This goes to ultimately improve the sound insulation of any given home. We can as well offer the installation of new windows. This basically involves replacing the current window with new ones.

To get to learn more about how we can be able to assist you with making soundproof windows, do get in touch us. You can contact us over the phone by dialling 0468 356 600. There is also an option of sending us an email and for this you’ll need this email address info@thesilencer.com.au.