Soundproofing Adelaide

The Silencer provide a number of different soundproofing Adelaide solutions to help you control noise in and around your home, workplace or social venue. We have a diverse range of products that are designed to achieve different outcomes, so our team will consult with you to help you make the right purchasing decisions. For a little more insight, here is some information on the different environments we cater to.

Residential: Whether it’s loud neighbours, old pumps and technology or home entertainment that’s keeping you up in the room next door—we have a solution to counter the noise.

Social Venues: If you run any kind of social venue, soundproofing your environment to optimise the ambience is integral to keeping your guests happy. We can help by reducing reverberation with wall panels, installing bass traps to absorb low frequency music, and implementing outdoor soundproofing Adelaide to prevent disturbing neighbours.

Soundproofing Adelaide

Key suppliers we work with

The Silencer only recommends and installs brands that we know and trust for quality assurance. We also invest in local custom manufacturing to make sure we always have a solution, regardless of the scale or complexity of your requirements. Some of the brands and materials you can find within our range include:

Duraflex: The Duraflex Hushtec Noise Barriers feature both noise absorbtion and noise reflection qualities that make them ideal for industrial work environments where excessive noise exposure is common. Manufactured using high-quality materials, these products can be customised in width, size and height.

Pyrotek: Pyrotek are the specialists in acoustic and thermal materials. Soundproofing applications include buildings, industrial, transport, marine, and oil & gas. They boast over 40 years of sound control experience, manufacturing world-class technology and materials that meed the unique needs of consumers.

Browse our website to learn more about the brands we recommend for your soundproofing Adelaide!

About The Silencer

So, why choose The Silencer for your soundproofing Adelaide? The Silencer is a locally owned and operated business in Modbury, South Australia. We offer educated advice, a range of premium products, and professional installation service to make the process easy for our customers. With the world becoming more fast-paced, noise pollution is more prevalent than ever in both residential and commercial environments. The ongoing disruptions can have an impact on your stress-levels, comfort, and overall wellbeing. By investing in the right soundproofing Adelaide, you can significantly reduce tension levels by blocking out disturbance. We work in alignment with the Occupational Health and Safety requirements, and statutory environmental noise standards, so you can rest assured that you’re getting certified results. For all enquiries or to scope out The Silencer range, call 0468 356 600 or email We’re your local experts in soundproofing Adelaide!

If your location has a sound problem, don’t wait until it becomes unbearable or starts to impact your wellbeing. Invest in premium soundproofing Adelaide from the The Silencer and get the straight-forward and holistic solution you’ve been looking for! Call 0468 356 600.

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