Want to know how best you can quiet your home? Well, this post highlights soundproofing home secrets that’ll definitely help you have a quieter home.

Today, a good number of Australians have noisy homes. A big reason why this is so is the way homes are built and how they are designed. Currently, many homes are built using lightweight materials that allow sound to easily pass through them. In terms of design, many homes today have an open plan or open floor design. While it might be appealing to the eyes, this type of design offers little or no obstacle to sound. As a result, wanted or unwanted sound easily passes or flows through the home.  

Other than these two, noisy machines like fridges and entertainment systems also play a part in making homes very noisy. Add music practice sessions in the garage by a member of the family or even their friend and the noise can quickly become insufferable. Even worse, you might be leaving next to a very noisy neighbour. So how can you block this outside noise? Better yet, how can you block unwanted noise and finally get some much-needed peace and quiet?

It is with this that we’ve opted to share with you this soundproofing home secrets post. So what are they? Well, the soundproofing home secrets we’ll get to highlight below are;

  • Drywall
  • Mass-Loaded Vinyl
  • Sound-Blocking Curtains
  • Acoustic Ceiling Materials
  • Plugging Sound Leaks & Silencing Ducts


The first secret we get to highlight in this soundproofing home secrets post is the use of drywall. To understand why using drywall is important you’ll need some little knowledge about sound in general. That said, the sound is basically vibrations and if you want to deal with it properly you’ll need something to deaden these vibrations. Most importantly, you want something dense and heavy to weaken these vibrations.

I know what you are thinking, but what about the wood and walls used to build my house? Well, despite them being dense and heavy, they are not effective in blocking out unwanted.

So what’s the solution? Well, one of the easiest strategies in combating noise pollution is using drywall. Adding a second layer of drywall to your home will greatly impact the noise levels. Why? Drywall will make your walls thicker thus creating a more effective sound-deadening barrier.

The good thing about this particular soundproofing home secret is that you don’t have to add it everywhere. Just point out noisy rooms or rooms you’ll want to be quieter and work on them with it.

Mass-Loaded Vinyl

Use of mass-loaded vinyl (MLV) is another soundproofing home secret that’s way up there in terms of effectiveness. Built with soundproofing in mind, mass-loaded vinyl is sure to add some much-needed wall barrier. There are two ways you can go about using a mass-loaded vinyl when it comes to matters soundproofing your home.

You can opt to use it on the walls or the floor thanks to its flexibility. Either way, you are sure to deaden all unwanted sounds if you do it right. Using mass-loaded vinyl on the walls involves hanging them there. The process is very simple and easy as it’s purposefully built with this in mind.

For added soundproofing capabilities, consider using mass-loaded vinyl together with drywall. How you ask? Well, you can sandwich it between two layers of drywall. If you do this, you are sure to reduce noise pollution in your drastically.

Sound-Blocking Curtains

Using sound-blocking curtains is arguably one of the easiest soundproofing home secrets in this post. Furthermore, it is very cheap if compared to other soundproofing home secrets. The challenge with this particular tip is selection. Many people have trouble identifying the right or ideal soundproofing or sound-blocking curtains. That said, it is always nice to seek an expert’s advice like The Silencer on what type of curtains are best for soundproofing.

There are two things to note about sound-blocking curtains. The first thing is they mainly help with dealing with noise that’s passing through the window. You might opt to use it elsewhere but its main use is on windows. Secondly, it is not that expensive especially if you compare it with the other soundproofing home secrets in this post. You can get your hands on one for as little as $40.

Do keep in mind however that sound-blocking curtain marginally minimises outdoor noise. Don’t get one expecting to completely block out unwanted outside noise.   

Acoustic Ceiling Materials

Making use of acoustic ceiling materials is another highly regarded soundproofing home secret. With acoustic ceiling materials, you’ll be absorbing all ceiling sounds thus reducing noise levels. A plus about this soundproofing home secret is that it comes in a wide variety. For instance, you can opt to go for a drop-ceiling or acoustic tiles system. The best part is, all of them are sure to offer remarkable success when it comes to cutting or deadening sound inside a room.

If there is one place you can utilise acoustic materials to the fullest is a basement garage. This is more-so true if someone happens to practice music in the garage. The acoustic ceiling material will help cut down noise transference from the garage to the rest of the house.

You can also use it in your living room or any other room that’s on top of a bedroom. This will guarantee the bedrooms will be quite regardless of what’s happening downstairs. Similar to the previous three, combining this soundproofing home secret with others offers maximum soundproofing.  

Plugging Sound Leaks & Silencing Ducts

Keen to note when it comes to matters sound is that it’s like water. As a result, it can easily leak or pass-through holes or cracks. In other words, it can get through any opening. To best deal with this, you need to stop leaking sounds. You can do this easily using an acoustical caulk. When doing so, your areas of focus ought to be switch boxes, door casing, ceiling fixtures, and receptacle boxes.

Silencing ducts are also ideal in matters soundproofing a home. With it, you’ll be able to not only quiet noisy ducts but also increase thermal insulation.

Do you need expert advice and help to properly soundproof your home? Or do you need added information on the soundproofing home secrets on this post? Well, do contact The Silencer. You can do this by phoning 0468 356 600. You can also email peter@thesilencer.com.au