Soundproofing Walls Adelaide

Soundproofing walls Adelaide are the simplest way to control noise within your home or work environment. The Silencer are South Australia’s most well established and reputable soundproofing specialists. We install and supply a diverse selection of products designed for walls, partitions, floors and ceilings for 360° sound management. Our team carries out extensive market research to source the most sustainable and fire-retardant materials for peace of mind. Better yet, we always opt for Australian-made! This guarantees quality, and products are always tried and tested right under our roof for further assurance. The difference with our service is that we customise our solutions based on data. We assess the application and frequency, and then provide practical solutions to immediately counter your concerns. Our acoustic knowledge and communication skills combine to create a holistic service—topped with premium installation! Call us for your soundproofing walls Adelaide for more information.

Soundproofing Walls Adelaide

Different soundproofing applications

We install soundproofing walls in Adelaide in a number of different environments—and we understand completely that the needs of our customers vary. Here are some examples of the different applications, and what we take into account to come up with the ideal solution:

Residential: A home should be a place to relax. So, our soundproofing solutions are designed to tackle external issues like noisy neighbors and traffic, or lower noise transmission between walls to block out any music enthusiasts within the home.

Social Venues: If you host live music, you want it to be loud. But there’s definitely a difference between loud and unpleasant! Some of the common issues venue owners experience include poor quality audio, the vibration of walls and ceilings, and noise complaints from surrounding residents. We can offer solutions like acoustic panels for ceilings and walls to absorb noise and reduce reverberation.

Our soundproofing walls Adelaide

When it comes to soundproofing walls Adelaide, you deserve to feel confident with your purchase. That’s why customer-education lies at the forefront of our service! One of the products that we can trust to meet our performance standards is Stratocell Whisper®. These sound absorbing panels are made from a closed cell laminated polyethylene foam. The technology behind this material makes it practical for a number of different applications, including construction, transportation, buildings and marine. It’s highly moisture resistant, non-corrosive, and is quick and simple to install without any perforate facings required. Easy maintenance is another perk of this product, boasting a strong structure that can be simply washed. This product has a fantastic performance track record, known to reduce audible noise levels by more than 15dBA. If you think Stratocell Whisper® sounds like an option you should consider for soundproofing walls Adelaide, contact The Silencer today!

Regardless of what the source of noise is in your environment, The Silencer have the skills, products and expertise to put an end to the chaos. Contact us by calling 0468 356 600 and put an end to the stress today with soundproofing walls Adelaide!

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