Soundproofing Walls

The Silencer provide a huge range of soundproofing walls and other solutions to effectively manage unwanted noise at any home, workplace, or social venue. Our business was founded by Peter Mathew, and we’ve since built a large portfolio of happy clients through mediating diverse noise issues. Whether it’s in the home or at a loud construction site, we’ve got a number of water, fire, and dust proof products that are designed to counter specific issues. That’s why it’s important have an educated advisor to help you make the smartest choices, while using the best value for money alternatives. The Silencer continually follow the latest trends and developments in soundproofing to make this attainable. While we’re based locally in Modbury North, we operate Australia-wide due to the high demand for holistic service and premium supply. If you need help controlling sound in an environment, enquire about our soundproofing walls today!

Soundproofing Walls

Soundproofing treatments for social venues

While our soundproofing walls are used widely, we often recommend them for social venues that host live music to manage noise complaints from surrounding businesses and residents. Alternatively, we can install soundproofing technology that simply manages the sound to create a welcome ambience by reducing reverberation; facilitating better conversation inside. No one wants to have to yell at their friends, but loud sound can be integral to maintaining the good atmosphere. To accommodate this demand, some of the products we can install include:

  • Acoustic panels for walls and ceilings
  • Wall, ceiling and floor soundproofing to reduce noise transfer between rooms
  • Bass traps to absorb low frequency band music.

High performance sound proofing is more than throwing up some insulation. In fact, the wrong products in the wrong places can do a lot more harm than good! Chat to us about soundproofing walls to help you manage sound within your venue.

Products we use for soundproofing walls

The Silencer only use products we know and trust for soundproofing walls. We’ve hand-selected the most effective and durable options on the market to ensure long-term results. We also opt for products that are fireproof. He

Wavebar: One of the popular products we install is the Wavebar by Pyrotek. It’s a low-cost, long-lasting product that offers superior acoustic transmission loss. The flexible nature of this mass-loaded product makes it easy to install in awkward places. It has a dense core mass layer reflects and absorbs the transmission noise through walls, reducing critical frequencies.

Stratocell Whisper: This product has been deemed the perfect acoustic solution. It has fantastic sound absorption, a washable surface, great transmission loss, a strong yet lightweight structure, and is UV resistant. It comes in the form of panels with closed-cell laminated polyethylene foam, which is carefully engineered to suit both indoor and outdoor environments. 

If you’re looking to improve sound management at your home, workplace or social venue, soundproofing walls could be the ideal solution for you! Call The Silencer on 0468 356 600 or send your enquiries through to

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