The Silencer is home to a range of premium soundproofing materials that effectively reduce the level of harmful noise in your home or workplace. Whether you’re subjected to noisy neighbours, loud technology and equipment, or keen music enthusiasts—we’re equipped with the products and acoustic knowledge to help you drastically reduce your exposure to noise. Some of the solutions we can offer you include:

  • Silencer Soundproof Wall
  • Silencer Wall Refit
  • Silentstep Underlay
  • Echohush Bass traps

We can also customise designs to suit your specific layout and personal needs. Most people go wrong with proofing their homes by choosing products which aren’t designed to counteract the specific issue they’re dealing with. Our professionals will consult you on the most appropriate choices for your home, while educating you during the process to give you complete confidence in your purchase. Restore your wellbeing and start soundproofing today!


Products we use to achieve the right result!

With over 8 years of experience in business and extensive knowledge regarding soundproofing products, The Silencer can achieve your desired outcome. We have access to a huge range of acoustic products which we recommend on a case by case basis. Do provide you with a little more insight, here is some of the technical information on some of the highly accredited brands we use.

Soundmat™ PE: This product is ideal for noisy trucks, busses, machinery, generators, hydraulic tanks, and a number of other types of vehicles and equipment. It provides a significant increase in transmission loss and can even be laminated to walls and partitions for effective acoustic management.

Hushtec Premium Series Noise Barrier: The product is more commonly used in busy work environments to block out construction, traffic or demolition noise. It’s water, dust and fire-proof with noise absorption and barrier properties for superior soundproofing performance.

About The Silencer

The Silencer is one of South Australia’s leading distributors in effective soundproofing products. With a huge portfolio of satisfied clients, we’re confident that we can provide the perfect solution to meet your meets. Established by Peter Mathew, the business is locally owned and operated in Modbury North. We continually evolve by following the latest trends and developments in acoustic management to provide our customers with the best value for money alternatives on the market. We’ve successfully installed our equipment in a number of diverse locations. This includes everything from home theatres and music studios, to large industrial worksites. Our service is holistic, enabling us to manage quality control from end to end. Start investing in your wellbeing by reducing noise and stress in your home or workplace! We boast a smooth and fast process to make your life easy. Call us on 0468 356 600 or email

Are you troubled by unwanted noise in the home or workplace? Contact The Silencer on 0468 356 600 and talk to our experts about how you can effectively block out the bother. Our soundproofing knowledge, products and installation service are second to none!

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