Are you finding it hard to have a quieter home? Or are you having difficulties finding a quiet peaceful night sleep? Well, you are in the right place as below we’ve shared with you tips that’ll help you soundproof your way to a quieter home.

Today, a majority of homes in Australia are as a result of lightweight construction. In addition, many of them tend to have a number of noisy appliances and machines like refrigerators. These two, when combined with an open plan home setting as well as a variety of noisy entertainment gear, work to make homes extremely noisy. That said it is important that you soundproof your home in order for you to have a quieter environment.

Below we’ve shared with you tips on how best to soundproof your way to a quieter home. To make it even better, the tips shared below won’t cost you an arm or a leg. Furthermore, they won’t take up your time and are easy to tackle and complete.

Why Do You Want To Soundproof Your Home?

The first step in any given soundproofing project is to understand why you want to soundproof your home. Are you looking at blocking out outside noise, in other words, are you trying to stop noise getting in? Or, are you looking to prevent sound from getting out? Having a clear answer to this is very crucial as it determines the soundproof materials you’ll use. Therefore, always make sure that you have an answer to this question and make it clear before commencing.

Once you are clear on why you want to soundproof your home, you can now consider taking up any of the tips shared in this post. When doing so, make sure the tip aligns with your goal. That said the tips we’ll get to highlight in this post are;

  • Make Use of Heavy Curtains
  • Embrace The Use of Large Bookcases
  • Insulate Your Home’s Walls & Ceilings
  • Seal Your Doors
  • Repair & Replace Your Windows

Make Use of Heavy Curtains

One way you can go about soundproofing your home is by using heavy curtains. With many homes in Australia, you’ll find that they use mostly light curtains. As practical as it may be for instance when cleaning, light curtains tend to have certain negatives. For instance, if you are leaving in a neighbourhood that’s noisy, light curtains tend to allow lots of noise in.

With heavy curtains, however, you’ll be able to block unnecessary noise at a greater degree. When using heavy curtains to block out outside noise, make sure you use them correctly. For instance, make sure that you hang them properly so as to cover the walls below and above the wall. Do this and you’ll be surprised with the results.

Embrace The Use of Large Bookcase

Even if you don’t read books you should consider using large bookcase(s) if you want to soundproof your way to a quieter home. With bookcases, the aim is to feel it with many books as possible. By doing so, you’ll be able to create a sound absorbing object. With this in place, especially when fitted next to a wall, you’ll be able to block outside noise considerably. This also includes noise from your neighbours. Why is this you ask? Well, books are great when it comes to absorbing sound. If you are not sure how to start, simply get useful tips by checking out various book club forums online.

Insulate Your Home’s Walls & Ceilings

If you are looking to block outside noise from your home insulating walls and ceilings is the way to go. For this soundproof option, you are going to need a variety of insulation products. Such products include mass-loaded vinyl, viscoelastic foam, ceiling panels, neoprene rubber and fibreglass. Once you’ve settled on an ideal product to use to soundproof your home, you’ll need to install it.

With installing, you want to make sure that you install the ideal product behind walls and ceiling panels. Doing this greatly reduces the amount of outside noise getting in your home. Furthermore, it does prevent noise from inside your home from getting out. If you are not sure on the type of product to use consider seeking expert advice.

Seal Your Doors

Sealing doors is sure to help you soundproof your way to a quieter home. The best thing about sealing doors is that you’ll be killing two birds with one stone. Why is this? Well, when you seal the doors, you’ll be soundproofing it as well as stopping heat loss. Having said that, a question I am sure a number of you have is how do you seal doors? It is simple really. With sealing doors, all you have to do is install weathering strips. Doing this helps in hampering noise from travelling from and to your home through doors.

Repair & Replace Your Windows

From the soundproof tips already shared, this is arguably the most expensive one. In fact, it can even get more expensive if you happen to have more windows in your home. So why should you repair or replace your windows in the first place? Well, to upgrade to double or triple-paned windows. Many Australian households lack such windows and as such allow sound to pass through easily. With double or triple-paned windows, however, this is not the case. Furthermore, adding PVC frames to double or triple-paned windows allows it to reduce noise pollution drastically.

There you have it, tips on how to soundproof your way to a quieter home. For added information and expert advice on how to soundproof your home do contact The Silencer. You can do this by dialling 0468 356 600 or sending an email to