Wondering if acoustic tiles will work for your soundproofing setup? Well, read on for a great deal of information on this topic. 

For many builders, using acoustic tiles in any given soundproofing setup is not a go-to option. One of the main reason why this is so is confidence. Many builders are not confident that acoustic tiles will work for their soundproofing setup. So is this true? Will acoustic tiles work for your soundproofing setup? Well, this is what we’ll be answering in this post. That said, we will answer this question by looking at acoustic tiles as a sound insulation material.     

Acoustic Tiles As Sound Insulation Materials

For years now, many builders have been using these tiles for their soundproofing projects. Some on the other hand as already mentioned, have opted to stay away from them. Builders who have been using it are ones who’ve known its significance.

What is its significance you ask? Well, they provide a hassle-free way to soundproof any setup. If you use them correctly, they also offer an opportunity to soundproof any setup without installing drywall. Furthermore, one can attach them directly to any existing ceiling setup. They are also easy to replace if need be.   

That being said, it is important that you use the right type. Most of the builders who don’t believe in its capabilities tend to use the wrong type. This, in turn, results in them getting bad or negative results.

In general, these sound insulation tiles are available in a wide range of textures, colours and styles. Additionally, some have textures similar to corduroy while others have a nice smooth surface. With this in mind, it is important for builders to go with the right acoustic tile. If you are not sure, it’s advised to settle with acoustic tiles that have a noise-reduction coefficient rating. You should further check to make sure that their rating is at least 80%. Acoustic tiles with this rating have the ability to absorb up to 80% of sound.

Ceiling attenuation is also something you should factor in when going for acoustic tiles. Ceiling attenuation for those who aren’t aware signifies the amount of sound the tiles allow to pass. In terms of figures, go for acoustic tiles with a ceiling attenuation of 40 to 44.        


Knowing the type of acoustic tile to go for with your soundproofing setup is not the only important thing. You also need to know how to work with it. For starters, you need to plan the perfect layout. You should also learn how to perfectly install the acoustic tiles.

If you don’t know how to go about it, you have the option is seeking expert advice and services. This way, you’ll be guaranteed of having the perfect soundproofing setup using acoustic tiles. One such expert is The Silencer.

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